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about our

We do a 48 hour
cold fermentation
Our dough ferments for a total of 48 hours before baking.  We use a blend of 00 flour, all purpose and whole wheat flours. We believe this makes our pizza both exceptionally tasty and easier to digest. Depth in flavor takes time, we hope you can tell the difference. 
From our garden harvested fennel to local Farmer's market vegetables, we strive to use the best ingredients we can. 
seasonal toppings
We use almond wood-fired at between 750-800° to produce a pizza that is crispy from top to bottom, unlike traditional Neopolitan-style pizzaS. 
A little wood-fired oven with BIG flavors! Seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms! Neapolitan inspired and made with love!

we do not offer delivery, pick up or dine in only

please inquire via email, check our website and instagram for our latest pop-up locations, or hire us for your next private event or celebration!

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Meet Chef Paul
Paul's always dreamed of having his own pizza PLACE. Trips to visit his Italian grandmother, Geraldine as a kid were always special. the smell of a slice of pizza on a hot summer's day IN New Jersey and Italian ice. These are some cherished memories and what he hopes to bring to you.

as a long-time chef, he believes in supporting local farms and is passionate about cooking what's in season. As his dad would say, "be your own man, and do it with passion." Why not?
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